NOPE.  It most definitely does not.  Sometimes we can even find better pricing!  You get our service, expertise, insider info and tips for FREE – and -  you are supporting a local, independent and Canadian owned small business.

Supplier pricing, regardless of where you see it – already includes a commission amount.  The travel provider (resort, airline, tour company, etc) sends our agency a commission cheque AFTER you have traveled. 

We are not salary based.  We do not get paid to do quotes or put together that amazing custom itinerary.  We only get paid if you make your reservation with us and only after you have traveled.  Some client files take hours of research, some take days for us to put together and reaching out to our suppliers to ensure you are getting the best out of that vacation you have been saving your hard earned money for. 

If you book with a faceless Online Travel Agency – they get paid the commission for doing absolutely nothing but providing you (sometimes) sketchy or inaccurate online descriptions and a place to insert your personal information and credit card number.  They don’t attend trade shows and supplier events.  They don’t build relationships with resort managers, or with airlines, or with any other company that offers travel services.  They don’t keep up with training and becoming certified with these said suppliers.  They don’t know you by name and what your travel preferences are or that you may require special meals.  We do.  Where is their head office? Is it even in Canada?? Do their toll-free numbers work at your destination if something goes wrong? 

Or, perhaps you think that booking directly with a supplier is the way to go – well, you still pay the same price – and their inventory is limited to only resorts they have contracts with, and guess what, you are missing out on SO many options by only looking at one supplier. And that commission amount that is included in the price?  They KEEP it – where does it go?  Who knows.  But at any rate – someone on their end is getting a padded wallet.  Even though some suppliers do provide great customer service, it doesn’t even come close to what you are getting when you book your travel with us.  Not to mention, many suppliers are only offering incentives to you if you book their product through a travel agent.  WHY?  Because they know the value of us and the amount of work we put into our job. 

We at Go Travel are all so passionate about travel.  We are a collective group of independent home based agents and we are here to help you 24/7 in case of an emergency.  How many ‘store front’ agencies can say that?  Not to mention, the ZERO booking fees we don’t charge that many do.  Yet we still all have access to the same prices – however – not all perks and exclusive amenities are available with just any agency.  Our relationship with our travel consortia, Ensemble Travel Group, provides us with amazing offers that are only available to our clients.  Offers that you simply won’t find online or anywhere else.

Thank you to our many awesome clients.  Your repeat business and countless referrals are the very reason why so many suppliers are reporting that travel agent bookings continue to rise.  Thank you for recognizing our efforts (using our combined training, certifications and experience) to provide you recommendations based on your wants and needs.

The travel agent is far from dead.