Looking for full and part-time Travel Designers! πŸŒ΄

If you have a passion for travel and have always wanted to be a part of this exciting industry ~ work from home and make your own hours ~ then we are looking for you! 

No experience?  No problem! We are committed to your success and offer comprehensive training, one-on-one mentoring, live and recorded webinars, amazing peer support, and have partnered with suppliers that will enhance your industry knowledge.

β€Ό The most important first step is deciding on a host agency. With so many to choose from, make sure you are joining the one that is right for you, is accredited in the industry and a member in good standing with ACTA β€Ό

There is a reason why many seasoned agents have left their old host agencies, and new agents have chosen, to join our Go Travel Family...if you would like to find out why we are the best choice for you, please contact us (at no obligation) for more information!


β˜€ 42+ year old agency – FULLY accredited IATA and ACTA member and a proud agency of the Ensemble Travel Group
β˜€ No contract.  We are not a prison - you can leave at anytime without penalty.  
β˜€ No non-compete clause, because lets face it, those are non-enforceable anyway and in our opinion, used as a scare tactic to              keep unhappy agents (which we don't have any) under their thumb. 
πŸ³β˜€No office hours for support, we personally care for our agents - ANY time they need it.
β˜€ Comprehensive industry, supplier and specialist training included - mentorship by Go Travel owners who are official CTC agents      β€“ learn while you work as you earn your CTC and CTM designations
β˜€ Our company website is fun, friendly and clearly indicates YOU as an agent – enabling clients to find you easily
β˜€ Limited availability in each region – we will never saturate an area to give you maximum exposure
β˜€ No commission holds! Your money is paid up-to-date and on time each month via email money transfer
β˜€ Amazing travel perks and FAM trip opportunities
β˜€ Higher negotiated supplier commissions giving you more earning potential
β˜€ Exclusive benefits you can offer your clients thanks to our membership with the very BEST travel consortia in the industry,                  Ensemble Travel Group.
β˜€ Marketing strategies (including our $3000 vacation giveaway) and promotional material designed and ready for you to start          building your business
β˜€ Private member Facebook group that provides loads of information, support and friendship
β˜€ As a Go Travel agent, everything you need is included when you join our team
πŸ’°$499 one time startup fee (yes, that's it - if you have shopped around with competitors, you KNOW this is far below the small         fortune that most charge).  Just because you pay more, doesn't mean you get more.  Because you don't.  I mean hey, if you               want to pay that much, we will gladly pad our bank account - we need a vacation soon anyway ;)
πŸ’° Only $50/month service fee that includes EVERYTHING listed above AND the following:
βœ“ a professional Go Travel email
βœ“ your own toll free extension to our toll line
βœ“ coverage under our Error's and Omissions insurance policy
βœ“ access to industry software, booking engines, travel memberships, marketing design and advertising, and our consortia
βœ“ private access to our Google Business and Virtual Office
βœ“ online fax feature
               βœ“ access to supplier certification training and benefits   
πŸ’° Our commission structure is 70% across the board with NO sales quota's to meet and NO hidden sales targets/levels that you         have to hit that can affect your commission payout.  Do the math - read the fine print - compared to our competitors that claim       to offer high commission rates - calculate the startup, annual and monthly fees, attempt to even understand the                                 quotas/supplier ratio you need to hit - and compare that to what you would earn with us.  If you think you can sell a million               bucks worth of travel in your first year - then it might be worth it to join the other guy.  But although we hope for the very best           success for you - that isn't likely going to happen.  It takes years of building up your client base (well, having a lot of luxury                 clients won't hurt either).  
πŸ’° By joining our Go Travel family  - you keep MORE money in your pocket right from the start!  And trust me, we take good care        of our agents by offering many booking incentives along the way.

So, if you are ready to be a part of an AMAZING team of experienced, well-travelled and knowledgeable agents that work together to share expertise and insight from our travels across the globe - contact us today!

PLEASE NOTE:  Unfortunately at this time we are not operational in Ontario and Quebec.   As soon as we obtain necessary licensing, we will remove this note. If you are a resident of BC, additional licencing is required.  We will send you more info in the reply to your submission below :)



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If you would like us to call you, send us your digits!