Kathleen Douglas


Kathleen Douglas... also known as Kathy... Call me either just don't let me be late for my flight!  What flight you ask?  It doesn't matter I just want to go, go and go again!  My husband and I are two outgoing Gemini with variety in our veins, so I joined Go Travel to share my love of travel with others.

While raising our children we were lucky enough to enjoy travelling through our jobs and during holidays with family to many places throughout Canada, U.S. and Mexico.  Then the kids left home we had to decide where in the world we wanted to be when we grew up!  We didn't know, so we took a year off and to do some travelling before making permanent plans.  Well, that one year off turned into four and a half years of adventure throughout 23 countries via various modes of transportation and accommodation.  Of course 5 star is always the most comfortable, but sometimes stepping out of our comfort zones brought us many of our best memories.  

After going back to work for a few years it is now time to get back on the "road" and explore this wonderful planet once more.  Only this time... I want to take YOU with us!  Well, okay maybe not always with us, but I would love to at least help you plan your own adventure!

So many places... So little time!   

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