In today's world of instant online access to unlimited information on travel options, why use a HUMAN travel designer?  Statistics are showing that more and more clients are realizing the value of booking with a travel professional, and it's on the rise.  

We are competitive and we like to WIN!  Our pricing is not only the best out there, but we work hard to meet and exceed your expectations.  Our amazing customer service and dedicated client care doesn't cost you one red cent. 

How can we offer you such an INCREDIBLE and INVALUABLE service and not charge you for it?  Because commission is built into pricing regardless of how you book.  

Book online or elsewhere, and that company keeps the commission. YOU did all the work without even getting any type of customer service to warrant a payment to them.  Book with us, we get paid the commission, only AFTER you have traveled.  Maintaining our client's travel file is exceptionally important to us, we watch for the little things that come up that you would never know or hear about.  We rely on referrals and repeat clientele...and you don't get those if you are second best.  We are with you before, during and after your trip.  

There are SO many MORE reasons to book with us...but this page is only so big!  So we have only pointed out 6 of them... 

1. You're not a travel expert aren't.
We are constantly learning. Suppliers are always providing us with updated webinars, certificate courses, online classes and specialist training.  Sometimes we even get to go to school on-site to bring back first hand knowledge and experience you just can't read about!  Some of our agents have specialized in niches; like cruises, destination weddings, groups, adventure travel, Disney, golf or shopping trips to name only a few.  

Do 'online' booking agencies make sure you are booking a tour correctly so you are not backtracking?  Are they looking out for your best interest and ensuring you are the on the best flight for that price available.  Are they providing you insider intel and money saving advice? No?

2. You want to get it right

Some trips are a lot more complicated than others  Foreign travel can be complex.  Remember, even travelling to the United States can be tricky.  And how about when you are trying to coordinate more than one family!  Can you afford to make a mistake in your booking?  

Will an 'online' site help you fix it?  Do they make sure you are doing your booking correctly?  Do you know when you need a tourist visa?  Or if departure tax is payable?  

3. You don’t have our money-saving connections

We are members of one of the best travel consortium's in the industry.  This gives us buying power!  We not only guarantee you are getting the best price, but in some cases certain perks like hotel upgrades, room view bonus or extra amenities like complimentary resort, spa or ship credits are only available to our clients!  Who doesn't want to get treated like a V.I.P for free?  You benefit from our large network of travel professionals.

Oh and FYI - 'online' agencies do NOT have the best prices guaranteed!  Ha!

4. You don't have time to waste

Not only does researching and organizing a trip take time, patience and perseverance. You can become overwhelmed with options.  Not to mention the average wait time on the phone for many suppliers is an average of 15 minutes under ordinary circumstances.  If there is a storm and you are stuck at a connecting airport, wait times can be well over an hour - IF you get through at all.  We have dedicated travel agent lines and back office numbers that you don't have access to.  

5. You want a safety net in case things go wrong

Even after the trip is planned, paid for and underway, things don't always turn out exactly as expected.  A cancelled flight, lost luggage, stolen passport or you get sick on foreign soil.  Or what about the famous overbooked hotel.  Resorts can and do overbook at their will.  You have arrived in Mexico only to be told your room isn't ready for 2 days.  Now what?  When 'stuff happens', be rest assured that we are here to help work out the problems.  We offer our clients 24/7 backup.  Will an 'online' booking agency be there for you?  What are their hours?  Where exactly are you calling?  Will they even assist you if you do get through?  
Do you even want to be dealing with this on your vacation?  Our clients can sit by the pool and sip on umbrella drinks while we are making calls.

6. It's the little things

Does an 'online' agency mail you your documents with a thank you?  

We can tailor make your adventure.  

We can arrange for special assistance when needed.

We can customize any itinerary.

We have access to thousand's of hidden gems that you won't find on your own.

We can create something that can't be 'googled'.

We do encourage you to research your destination.  The internet is awesome for planning out what you want to see and do.  It is your hard earned money you are spending, and we want to make it perfect for you!