Salina Tam Edillon

I'm born and raised in Calgary and continue to live in this amazing city with my husband and two kids.  Since I can remember, I have been on annual road trips with my parents and siblings which perhaps is how I got bit with the travel bug.  At 17, I took my first flight and I haven't stopped flying since.  My first international trip was to Hong Kong - now there's a place you can do something 24 hours a day!  I loved it and have been several times since to visit family and friends.  Asia continues to be one of my favorite places to visit having traveled to Macau, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and China.  Central America is probably my next favorite.  There is nothing like the lushness and friendliness of Costa Rica while Nicaragua offers an authenticity difficult to find.  And who doesn't love Europe?

A planner by nature, my goal is to make your next adventure as memorable and worry-free as possible.
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