Tracee Jung

Tracee Jung
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I want to live in a world where people work less and travel more, time stands still when you’re  having fun and every day is a beach day!    
As an Event Coordinator in Vancouver by trade and a world traveler at heart, it only seemed  natural for me to meld the two together. I’m no stranger to hard work, looking after all the details  whether big or small, working within a specific budget and most importantly taking the time to  get to know my client’s wants and needs...i believe it’s the personal touches that make all the  difference.    Knowledge is key in the tourism industry and I've been fortunate enough to have experienced a  wide variety of travel, from backpacking through

Europe, to a first class trip to Japan, jungle  trekking in Thailand, cruises with Royal Caribbean and Disney, all-­inclusive vacations in Mexico,  destination weddings in the Caribbean, and a private villa in Tuscany. Hawaii is my home away  from home....psst...I've been there 8 times and still counting.  I’m always looking for the next go-­to destination, so let me help you plan your next adventure.  

As the Hawaiians say, Hele me kahau ‘oli ­ go with joy.