Adel Bittar


Adel Bittar
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Adel Bittar was born and raised in Syria, the cradle of civilization in the Middle East. Studied, worked and lived in many countries and built up a large and
broad-minded background.

Adel, who had a Bachelor degree in Economy, chose to follow his passion in travel and tourism and he built his great successful career by providing an
outstanding service and consultation to his clients.

"What matters in my job is the moment of joy that I share with people planning for their dream vacations or their honeymoons, my pleasure is to see
them excited to travel to meet a beloved friend or family member" Adel said.

A rich technical knowledge in the ticketing operating systems and the travel tools accompanied by various site trips and visits to a variety of places made
Adel able to guide you through your planned trip from his own home.

Adel is putting, at your service, all the tips he gained by visiting the following countries; Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, UAE, Turkey, China, Thailand, Malaysia and
Sri Lanka; the amazing destinations in the middle and the Far East, as well as Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherland and France
in Europe.

Tourism is a passion and a great joy.

"And I think to myself.... What a wonderful world" - Louis Armstrong