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Ange Fuller - CTC, CCC
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Go all the places!
Get a map. Close your eyes. Point.
Now, let's send you there.

I'm Ange, your friendly neighbourhood travel designer with Go Travel. Travel has always been my thing. As a kid, in the pre-Internet age (eep!), I devoured books and magazines about travel, picking out all the places I would go. In high school art class, I'm pretty sure my teacher was getting bored with all my projects being about the places on my bucket list. When I married my awesome husband Greg, he was warned (repeatedly) about all the places we'd need to go.

All these years and countries later (48 and counting, not that I'm crossing them off the list), I'm in my dream job - helping people plan amazing adventures all over the globe.

I love travel in all its forms, from expedition cruising to lounging on a beach. And I've traveled extensively through the Caribbean, Europe, and North America.  I may be addicted to travel, but I have a simple goal – see everything, do everything, and make as many friends as I can along the way. I love all the planning involved in a great adventure, and I’m as excited helping you plan your vacation as I would be planning my own.

No matter what you want to do or where you want to go, I can help!  Let’s start crossing things off your bucket list!

Why use Ange as your travel consultant?

Stephanie (Fredericton NB) said:
I was VERY impressed by the speedy service and dedication of Ange through Go Travel. Within 48 hours, she had found us the best deal "out there" and took care of all the logistics of booking, talking with the hotel and ensuring we had thought of everything (travel insurance, bicycle transport, etc.). She was very helpful, knowledgeable and supportive through the planning and booking process. Excellent service! Highly recommended. I feel much more at ease having booked through such a reputable agent! We will use her services again and I recommend those considering a trip do as well :).

Melissa (Fredericton NB) said:
When it comes to travel, there are very few people who know more than Ange. Even before she she started doing this professionally I would ask her opinion in regards to travelling.

Leslie (Fredericton NB) said:
This is the first time that I have used Ange to book my trip, but it won’t be the last!!!  Once I asked to have some recommendations for DR she had all 4 to me the same day. Once she gave us the recommendations she had every answer to any question we had in minutes.  She was not pushy and let us decide which resort to choose.  Once we had made our decision, we were booked and processed in no time.  Counting the days until we leave and can’t wait to book next year’s trip with her!!!

Lynn (Fredericton NB) said:
Ange Fuller has an excellent understanding of the travel industry, through experience. I trust her recommendations. She always considers my travel needs as a mother of 2 young children. She is professional and I would highly recommend her for your travel needs.

“Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.” - Anonymous