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business cards

Business cards are vital to your business.

These are something you'll want to always have on-hand for potential clients and also to exchange with suppliers at events. 

Your business cards must include the following information, but can be designed however you like:

1. Your name

We are recognized by IATA, ACTA, and other suppliers as Go Travel. We set up your supplier accounts as Go Travel. If you are using your Facebook business name (for example, Go Travel with Agent X), you must also include somewhere that you are a Go Travel Independent Agent.


2. Phone number

You can use either or both of your assigned business numbers (office extension or toll free). It is also highly recommended that you include your cell phone number.


3. Email address

This must be your email address.


4. Website

If you have your own business website, include that. If not, you can include the Go Travel website if you would like. 


5. Logo


If you have your own logo, it is fine to use that - but you must also include on your card that you are a Go Travel Independent Agent.

(Go Travel logo variations are available on the Drive)

6. Title

Until you have any industry designations like CTC, this should be Travel Designer, Travel Agent, or Travel Advisor.

You must have Admin approve your business card before placing your order.

We have a company account with Vistaprint that you may order from. 

Ordering Business Cards with Vistaprint

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