Cassie Kos


Cassie Kos
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I’m a world traveler and photographer with 39 countries visited so far (airports do not count!). I love traveling the world in any way, from cruises and resorts to hostels and tents. Experience includes requiring medical aid for knocking out my front tooth while whitewater rafting the Zambezi River. Fishing for giant and amazing fish in Thailand, Nicaragua, and the Essequibo River in the Amazon Rainforest of Guyana. Standing in awe of the history around Europe, and walking in footsteps of soldiers who were in Peleliu during WWII.

I love nature, adventure, and scuba diving and have been diving with at least 4-5 shark species… that I know of! I had the chance to meet Lonesome George on the Galapagos prior to his passing. I also take every chance I get to stare at the waves, Hawaii is my favourite place to relax (so far).

In short, I’ve done some really exciting things around the world and am so fortunate to have been able to do these things, now I want to help you plan your getaway. Please tell me where you dream of going, I’d love to help you make it happen!

EDITORS NOTE:  Cassie provided ALL of the amazing photography for use on our Go Travel website! (Well, obv's not the Agent Bio's and their individual Where in the World pics...but still... how awesome is that!?  Travel is her other passion, so if you are in the market for the most creative photographer in the biz, then call her up!  Weddings, Celebrations, or maybe you just want someone to follow you around like the paparazzi on your next vacation... either way - her work is PHENOMENAL and she is willing to travel.  Check it out for yourself

"Travel. As much as you can. As far as you can. As long as you can. Life's not meant to be lived in one place." - Anonymous