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charging fees

As an agency, we have always advertised no fees. However, a global pandemic has shown us that the way we are compensated in this industry is not always sustainable. We understand that agents want to be compensated for their work.


Before moving towards charging any kind of additional fee, you must have a discussion with either Michelle.

It is also vital that you have the experience and knowledge to back up these fees.

A service/planning/booking fee is something that you can charge on your own. This is optional. You can set your own rates as long as they are clearly disclosed to clients before booking. You must have them sign a service agreement that outlines what they will receive for the fees. 

You must have your own method for accepting payment (some agents are using Square or EFT). This payment will not come through Go Travel, unless Go Travel is retaining a percentage.

You must use your Go Travel email - nothing else. Charged fees must be noted on the Go Travel invoice in TravelWorks. We need a paper trail, and your clients need to be able to see where all of their money was spent in one place. 


These fees are the only time you can directly receive payment from a client.


Note: Charging a service fee does not mean you don’t charge commission on a NET flight or book a group for no added commission. You must always be paid a commission by the supplier on top of the fee you charge to your client.

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