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Deanna Bezjack
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I live in Madden, AB with my husband and two teenage boys on an acreage. One of my passions is horses; I own two horses: a jumper and a western pleasure. My other passion is travelling with my family and friends.

I’ve traveled to and have planned adventures to  Aruba, Bahamas, Grand Cayman Island, Mexico, USA: (AK, CA, FL, HI, ID, LA, MT, NV, UT, WA), Canada: (AB, BC, NB, NWT, ON, PE, QC, SK, YK). Most recently, I have planned a family trip to Italy. While we were on our trip, we were steadily on the go for 11 days. Well in advance before we left, I researched and booked our accommodations, transportation (train, taxi, and flights), and tours. I had all 11 days planned out, printed a complete itinerary with vouchers, tickets and confirmations, plus digital copies using apps like Trip Case, Viator and Get Your Guide. The trip was seamlessly straightforward and was not stressful. After our trip, I realized that I had an aptitude for trip planning and decided that I should pursue becoming a travel designer. 

Feedback from my friends that have travelled with me says I am excellent at travel design.

I will plan your trip as if it was for someone from my family or group of friends. I look forward to helping you plan & book your next adventure.

“Focus on the journey, Not the destination, Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it” - Greg Anderson