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errors & omissions

If you follow our instructions and always doublecheck your entries, you won't have any issues that are your fault. We do have a very extensive Errors & Omissions (E&O) blanket insurance policy that covers our agents. But like any insurance, your claim can be denied so don't rely on the E&O - be diligent when you are booking to make sure you're 100% correct in your dates, names, etc.

Use caution when entering client information into supplier booking systems.


Suppliers usually give you a couple of chances to review the information for accuracy before you book, so be sure that everything is exactly correct. Many suppliers will not allow changes or may charge a fee for changes. 


Errors & Omissions Policy

Treasures Insurance

Agency: 1561374 Alberta Ltd o/a Go Travel

Our E&O policy has a $1000 deductible that you are responsible for. Make sure you are entering information correctly, as per the information you obtained from the client and confirmed was correct. 

If you make an error, talk to Michelle S or Michelle G immediately before making any changes with the supplier. Changes to the booking without Go Travel consent may invalidate the E&O coverage, leaving you responsible for the cost. The insurance company will advise how to proceed after being contacted by head office.


To view further details on the Go Travel E&O policy, click below. The most relevant pages are 68 to 77.

Go Travel E&O Policy


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