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FAMS & perks

We have specific policies that must be followed for applying for familiarization trips (FAMs) and taking advantage of travel agent perks.


Familiarization (FAM) Trips 


You are not permitted to apply for any FAM without first emailing Admin for approval. 

Suppliers frequently offer FAM trips to qualified agents at heavily discounted rates. We encourage our agents to attend as many FAM trips as they are able, but the following rules apply:

  1. Agent must be actively selling travel

  2. Agents actively selling the supplier that is providing the FAM get priority 

  3. You must meet supplier requirements, if applicable

    FAM trips are not a vacation. These are professional events and you are expected to attend everything in the provided FAM schedule and represent Go Travel in a professional manner.

Travel Agent Discount (TAD) Policy

Although most suppliers require that agents hold a valid IATA/CLIA card in order to take advantage of special TA rates, all suppliers have the option of booking NET pricing (price not including commission).


If you do not have your own IATA/CLIA card, but you are actively selling travel and have sold a minimum of $25,000 in sales (per year), you may use the Go Travel IATA for net booking. You must first obtain approval from Admin.

You must be a listed passenger on the booking and the net rate cannot be used for anyone other than yourself, your spouse/partner, or your children.


These bookings must be invoiced as per normal, even though there is no commission.


Agents that qualify for and hold a Go Travel sponsored IATA or CLIA card are permitted to book their own travel (spouse/children are permitted) at discount rates as offered by suppliers without approval from admin. 


See ACTA, CLIA, and IATA for more information.

These bookings must be invoiced as per normal, even though there is no commission.

Other Perks

Many suppliers have agent incentives for booking with them. You may receive points or bonus commission, priority on FAM trips, and other swag. A small number of suppliers offer free/discounted travel for completing their training. Agents are free to sign up for these supplier-sponsored programs.


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