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general info on training

In this industry, you have to be willing to train and study. It is ever-changing, with new suppliers appearing all the time, and travel rules and regulations being adjusted. It is crucial that you stay on the pulse of this industry and that you keep up-to-date with the suppliers you want to sell.

Stay connected in our private Facebook group. There is continual discussion there full of useful tips and info. Posted training opportunities may be time sensitive.

You do not need to complete all of the training for every supplier we have access to. But most of them do offer their own training, and some of them offer additional training on market and sales in addition to training on their products

Most of the training is free and self-paced. Some suppliers offer perks for being certified with them. 

Some agents love training and go through as much as possible. But that strategy may not work for everyone. Consider taking an hour a week to start and dedicate it to supplier training. Pick something you are interested in (either in trying or selling).

Be sure to check training opportunities in the Ensemble travel agent portal. Then work your way down through options in the Master List.

Many tourism boards, and some other partners that focus on travel agent training, offer destination-specific training that you may find interesting. Some worth considering are the tourism boards for Jamaica, Hawaii, Iceland, and Ireland, and options like Travel Agent Academy and Travel Agent University. See the Master List for additional options. Googling the destination with 'travel trade' or 'travel agent training' may return some additional options as well.




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