Get Involved

We LOVE the planet.  Traveling can be more than just a vacation.  There are SO many reasons our clients travel.  
To open your mind, go on an adventure, learn new cultures, find yourself, appreciate your life (or to escape it, your job or your kids), maybe it's for work, or to celebrate something, meet new people, try new food...there are so many awesome things about travel.
Plus, it turns you into a good story-teller. 
Just GO.  Just BECAUSE.  

And if you are traveling to "Get Involved", here are some of our favorite organizations.


Planeterra Foundation

Established in 2003, by global adventure travel company G Adventures’ founder, Bruce Poon Tip, Planeterra Foundation is a non-profit organization that has contributed millions of dollars towards projects in areas of social enterprise, healthcare, conservation, and emergency response.

The Bruno Project

Changing the everyday reality of at least some of the stray dogs in St Lucia, Doris and Vanessa researched the rules and laws governing the importation of dogs to Canada and established a strong network of volunteers.  Every animal is medically inspected and meets the exacting criteria of the importing nation. 



Looking to make a difference this vacation?   
Send us an email to and let us know what you are looking for.