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gift certificates

Gift certificates are a great way to secure future bookings from people looking for a gift for someone or a prize for something.

Many clients may want to purchase a travel gift certificate for friends, family, or colleagues. Other clients may want to do lotteries for charities and other organizations.

Gift certificates can be purchased by sending an electronic funds transfer (EFT) or by mailing a cheque to head office. Once funds are received, you need to create an invoice.

It is not recommended for gift certificates to be purchased using PayPal or Square (credit card processing) as the fees they incur would need to be passed on to the client.

Gift certificates never expire.

Purchasing travel from a gift certificate can be done using the company credit card.

All monies are held in trust with Go Travel and are available at any time. Just let us know you need them and we will tell you what to do. We keep a list of all available monies and invoices to match.

How to invoice a gift certificate

1. Create a new invoice

The travel dates won’t exist, but you can use the booking dates. Fill in the client name that is receiving the gift certificate. You can note the purchaser of the gift certificate in the notes (if it is different from the person(s) travelling).


2. Choose Gift Certificate as your product

Use the client name for the reference, add any other information that you feel pertinent, and do not list an amount in the price.

3. Save your product


4. Add a payment for the amount of the EFT or cheque
Once you do this and save it, there will be a negative balance on your invoice. This shows that we owe them a specific amount of travel in a $ amount.


Once the gift certificate is redeemed, you can create a new invoice from the existing gift certificate one. Add your products that were purchased, add a payment to match as you normally would, and then clear out the payment on the original gift certificate invoice so we no longer owe them the gift certificate and the file is at $0 (or whatever amount was left that they did not yet use).

If you have any questions, get in touch with Michelle S.

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