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Glenna Budd - CTC
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A two week vacation to Cambodia for my 40th birthday was all it took to hook me on travel.  A trip I was worried to go on because of all the media hype.  If I wouldn't have gone, I would have missed the experience of a lifetime!!  I have since gone on several cruises and vacations.  Meeting people and experiencing new culture has captured my heart.  

There is so much to learn about this world and it has become my passion to keep learning.  I am a Disney Dream Maker and hold Certifications on many sun destinations, resorts and European cities.

I look forward to booking your next vacation!

Why use Glenna as your travel consultant?

Zeph M said:
I went on a solo trip for 2 and a half weeks to Bali in 2016. This was my first solo trip and I knew that I wanted it to be special. I had no clue where I should even begin, but Glenna helped me figure out plane times and costs, hostels, excursions and many other things that I wanted to experience on the trip. 

I was so lucky to have Glenna assist me, because I had the most beautiful experience of my life.

Thanks Glenna

Katherine F said:
Glenna has booked numerous trips for myself and my family over the years, most recently booking a trip for us to Orlando.  She found us excellent flights and a room at an awesome hotel.  Glenna also took the time to walk me through setting up our trip insurance and well as reminders for when I needed to complete it. Her excellent customer service didn’t stop with just booking our trip, she also took the time to check-in with us while we were away, making sure that we were happy with our rooms, and being available if we had any concerns. I would highly recommend using Glenna for all of your travel needs! 

“I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list.” ― Susan Sontag