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In travel, agents and suppliers love to use abbreviations - you will see this often. You may also see terms you don't understand. Here you'll find a list to help with this. Googling is always a great help as well.

Admin/head office - At Go Travel, this simply refers to contacting either Michelle.


Base/gross price - This is the amount that includes commission but not taxes.

Business Development Manager (BDM) - A supplier representative whose specific role is to work with the travel trade. They are responsible to providing information and assistance, and may also host FAMs.

Consolidators - Air consolidators offer tickets directly from the airlines at specially negotiated rates, and then resell them to travel agencies for prices generally lower than published fares. You'll often find the best discounts on international tickets. These are mostly net rates and do not include any commission, so you have to add it. Hotel consolidators work in the same manner by buying or holding blocks of rooms. Some prices are net, so watch for this and add commission.

Commission - Commission is included in most supplier bookings at varying rates (see the Master List for more information). For bookings at net, commission must be added.

Consortium - In travel and tourism, a consortium refers to an organization made up of independent travel agents and agencies. They join together to increase their buying power and commissions, thereby earning amenities they are able to provide clients. Agents and agencies must meet a threshold sales volume requirement in order to be invited to join a consortium. Member benefits include marketing programs, commission overrides, agent training and education, FAM trips, technical tools, client referrals, and networking opportunities. Our consortium is Ensemble Travel Group.

Deviation - A deviation is for packages. Suppliers create packages they think will appeal to clients, but clients may want something different (for example, a fourteen night stay instead of seven). A deviation might be to a seven night vacation, where a client might choose to add three nights with that supplier as opposed to the seven nights. These are always called in to the package supplier to book.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) - Also known as email funds transfer, this is where funds are transferred from a client's bank account to Go Travel's bank account.

FAM (familiarization trip)
 - A free or reduced price trip for travel agents, provided by a travel operator as a means of promoting their service.

Global Distribution System (GDS) - Live inventory reservation system for air, cars, and hotels

Net rates - Net rate pricing means can mean two things depending on what supplier you are talking to. Sometimes it is referring to pricing that is less commission and less taxes. Or, most commonly, it means total price less commission only (this is how we use it at Go Travel). You are not allowed to sell net pricing (not permitted in the industry and it means you work for free).  

Non-stop/direct flight - Non-stop flies from one airport to another without stopping, but a direct flight can make stops.​

PAX - Common industry abbreviation for passenger.

SIREV - Sirev is not a consolidator. It is a global distribution system (GDS), which is a booking system that pulls packages together to make searching a lot easier. The suppliers it pulls from are listed on the side of the portal when you login. SIREV is not a supplier - only a portal. ​

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