Crown Princess Cruise

Crown Princess Cruise, March 2018

CRUISING……. The best way to vacation & wake up in a different destination every day while only unpacking once!!!

Starting in Fort Lauderdale this 8 night cruise took us to St. Kitts, Antigua, St Thomas and Turks & Caicos, back to Fort Lauderdale.

In St. Kitts we took a countryside tour and saw breathtaking views, tried some local rum and some local monkey species. We ended our day by the beach before heading back to the ship for dinner.

We chose to do the early dining in the dining room each evening we went to our table and were served with smiles and treated like royalty. At night on the ship there is plenty to do and see, you can sit in a nice lounge or you can watch a movie under the stars or catch a show.

In Antigua we spent the day at Sting Ray City with the stingrays, while I am not much of a water person or someone who likes to swim with things that are huge, this was a bucket list item for me and I did get In and then out, but I did it!!!

In St. Thomas we wandered around the town and the markets, then took a tour to the hillside to look around and see the views, there are amazing views from the top.

On to Turks & Caicos, another bucket list item for and it didn’t disappoint even though there were two cruise ships docked that day having a total 6000 passengers, there was even beach and shopping space for all, this was my favorite stop, the water is crystal clear and its just a beautiful place to admire.

If you just want to hang out on the ship while at port, there is also plenty of activities to partake in, of course there is the pool, but there is also cooking classes, wine tastings, bingo, casinos, games of all sort and plenty of places on ship to just lounge and read a good book, you can never get bored on a cruise ship as it has plenty to offer.

If you have never been on a cruise I urge you to give it a try they do no disappoint!!!

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