Destination Weddings!

By Scott Harvey - Travel Designer for Go Travel

There can be many reasons why YOU have decided to have a destination wedding, besides the amazing back drop of the beach with the tropical breeze whisking off the ocean and we will help explore some of the reason why WE think tropical beach destination wedding are the best weddings!


When is the last time YOUR whole family was able to vacation together to make amazing memories that are going to last the lifetime for everyone involved? With the destination wedding you are getting two families to vacation for a week or more in amazing destinations that under no other circumstances the same people would spend these precious days together. Not only did we have a destination wedding but we have been to 3 others, one as a best man, one as a MC and another as a guest. The memories from all these vacation with the friends we have made and bonds we have strengthened from all 4 different wedding trips have a special spot in my memories rolodex and all over our house as reminders of the truly once in a lifetime trips! Is everyone going to be happy that you choose to do have YOUR wedding away? Absolutely not, you will have that one negative nancy brides maid or uncle that will cuss you all over facebook and to friends and family but really who cares???  It’s YOUR wedding and if they don’t want to be apart of this amazing trip then there is nothing you can do and quite frankly their loss!


As we all know wedding are not cheap, some spend more than a down payment on their dream house to throw a 1 night party, does not seem economical to us. Will there be an increased cost for family and friends? Yes, but they should appreciate the fact that you have made the decision to have the closest friends and family attend and they should be ecstatic that they made the list! The best part of any group leader while booking with a Canadian tour operator is the fact that you will receive kick back with rooms booked and filling seats on a plane, this varies from operator to operator and we will cover this portion on another topic!


We have all seen the amazing photograph that accompany the destination wedding, don’t believe me check out our with our friends at Photos in Cancun , (ps they have a 4.9/5 rating on google, They have our recommendation and if you would like more information on them just ask). So how do you pick a perfect spot for YOUR wedding? Many Brides and Grooms have an idea of what they want, whether is white sand, tropical jungles, secluded destination, off the beaten path, exotic, adventure which leads us to help find the perfect destination. Once we have a  an idea of the “type” of destination YOU are looking for we need to zero in on cost, when to go, flights, resort, type of wedding, types of excursions, and length. This is the part the starts to get overwhelming which is why we will break it down in the rest of this series of post!


This to us is the most important choice in the destination wedding and the most stressful. YOU need someone who understands the type of hotels for not only you but the type of guest you are having attend. This can be as simple as mobility issues, kids friendly, adults only, wedding packages, low key or more lively resort, and resort location. The tour operators will most likely get you to your destination without too much hassle or headache (some less than others) but if the wrong resorts are presented to you and they are not the type or feel you are looking for you can ruin not only YOUR wedding but turn a magical getaway into a nightmare for everyone involved. Know that someone has the experience and knowledge of the resorts with contacts is key to helping the planning stages go smoothly but insure the resort is the one that YOU NEED for YOU group. This will also be covered in detail in another post!

I think we have covered the major topics and hesitations in destination weddings. In all honesty some people will wish they were there but can’t be and you will have some people come that you thought would never be able too and if they at all can be and truly want to make it for YOUR wedding they will make every effort to do so. So stay tuned for our weddings series but in the meantime please let us know if you have any questions on YOUR destination wedding!