Jenny Nicol

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Jenny Nicol
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I have a natural ability to envision events and trips down to the smallest detail!!  I can help you plan anything from a single passenger flight across the province to a beautiful beachfront resort wedding to an intimate celebration on a cruise ship!

Whatever your heart desires I can assist you in every aspect and take the hassle and worry away from you.  Tell me what you are looking for in your vacation and I will do all the research and heavy lifting while you sit back and have everything you ask for quoted within 48 hrs.  As a mother to 5 children (ranging from 17 – 5 yrs old), I know what planning anything around schedules and tantrums is like.

My husband and I have taken my children, our parents and some relatives and friends on fantastic vacations!  My children now love to travel and we have peaked an interest of exploring other cultures and destinations within them.  

“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore” ― André Gide