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Lindsey Bell
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When I agreed to join a friend on a last minute trip to Africa, my first trip outside of north America, and my first trip solo without my family, I had no idea the drastic change my life was about to take. The second my feet touched the ground I knew I was bit by the travel bug, and bit hard! Fast forward 6 years, I have been able to visit over 20 countries, I gave up the career I was working at the time for one that would give me the freedom to travel and I am now always in the process of planning my next great adventure!

I have been able to do some incredible things during my travels - such as, trek through the Rwandan mountains to see wild Gorillas, volunteer with rhinos and elephants in Zimbabwe, stay with a local family in a small Guatemalan village, sand board down Namibian sand dunes, and volcanos in Nicaragua, white water raft near Victoria falls, zipline in Costa Rica, snorkel with beluga whales, explore Mayan ruins all throughout Central America, backpack my way through Thailand, do a 75 day camping trip through Africa, work in the polar bear capital of the world and so much more. One thing I hear constantly after every one of my trips is "your so lucky, I wish I could travel like that", it's something I hear so often that I decided to make it my mission to show people that they can travel, and help them see how easy it is!!!

The world has so many incredible things to see and experience, let me help you start exploring all it has to offer!

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” -Martin Buber