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missing commissions

If you are waiting for a commission payment and it is at least one month after the client has traveled, please email Michelle S with the following information:


1. Email subject: Missing Commission 
2. Supplier
3. Reservation number
4. Client name(s)

5. TravelWorks invoice number
6. Dates of travel


It isn’t uncommon for suppliers to miss paying on a file, so once we check TravelWorks and confirm that the payment wasn’t received, you will need to send the supplier an email (with all of the booking information) to their Accounting department. Reach out to the BDM if you are unable to reach the Accounting department for some reason.


When we receive supplier payments, every single reservation that the supplier is paying must be applied to a TravelWorks invoice. It is vital that you invoice within 24 hours and ensure you are following the proper steps from our invoice guide so there are no ‘invisible’ errors. 

If we receive a bulk payment (which is common with suppliers) and you haven’t invoiced, everything we have entered on that supplier payment has to be redone if one is missing. It is time consuming to then figure out who didn’t invoice, get them to invoice, and start matching it all up again.


On another note, if we receive a supplier check, it is a bulk amount, and many times there is no back up with it. TravelWorks commission amounts must be exact to what it says on your supplier invoice, which you need to create your Go Travel invoice in Travel Works. If you enter the commission amount incorrectly and we have to adjust it, we have to go out, fix and back in again to start all over.

The other side of Travel Works is pulling commission reports so we know who to pay and how much. These are different reports and if there is an error, it will let us apply the commission but not tell us to pay it out.


Many agents just entering the industry can expect higher commission payments in the winter months, this will balance out as you grow your business and build your client base.


Note: If Michelle S receives payment and there is no invoice, she will not just leave it. She will try and find who it belongs to by going into TravelWorks and searching for the client (in case they have previously booked with Go Travel) or she will post in the Facebook group asking if anyone knows the client or has that booking. Much easier to get it sorted than to wait and see if you will invoice. Best thing to do, invoice as soon as you book travel for your client. Then they have a record, TravelWorks is happy, and the accounting department at Go Travel stays neat.

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