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When booking packages, it's crucial that you enter client information exactly as it appears on the ID they will be traveling with. Changes to packages, including name and date changes, may incur a fee. Be sure to clearly communicate payment dates with your clients and send them reminders in advance of when payments are due (generally 2 weeks before is a good time to start reminding them).

Always read the inclusions carefully as not all packages include a checked bag, transfers, destination taxes, etc. It's your job to analyze the fine print carefully for your clients. 




Sirev is a one-stop-shop booking engine for packages from suppliers like Sunwing, Air Canada Vacations, WestJet Vacations, and Transat.

Not all packages populate in Sirev, but if it is listed on the supplier consumer-facing site, you can still book it by phoning the supplier. It may also populate in Revnet.

Be sure to do the training on how to use Sirev. This can be found on the main screen once you are logged in, in the Training Center section.



Air Canada Vacations (ACV)

ACV packages can be booked in Sirev, directly from their website (look for Travel Agent Access under the Sign In area), or by calling in. While they have been making continual improvements to it, this site can sometimes be glitchy. Packages can be booked by calling ACV as well. Their travel agent portal has a lot of useful information and is where you manage your reward account (ACV&Me). Note that ACV charges a $25 fee when you call in for items that could have been completed online.

Air Canada Vacations



WestJet Vacations (WJV)

WJV packages can be booked in Sirev or by calling WJV, but there is no travel agent access on their website (so you will not receive any login information). WJV does not have an agent reward program.




Sunwing packages are booked in Sirev or by calling in, and can be managed in their travel agent portal. You can add requests to your client's booking (not guaranteed), do seat selection, add excursions, etc. This portal also houses all travel agent information and is where you manage your reward account (STAR Program).

See the Master List instructions on setting up your Sunwing account.


Sunwing Agent Portal




Transat packages can be booked in Sirev or by calling in, and can be managed from Agent Direct. This portal contains all travel agent information and is where you manage your reward account (Bonbon).

Transat Agent Direct



If you are comfortable working in a keyboard-driven interface, you also have access to Revnet for booking packages. Be sure to review the guide before using it. Revnet is the back-end to supplier reservation systems and displays live inventory. Revnet allows you more flexibility in booking and often gives you access to room categories and resorts not available in Sirev. 


Revnet Guide


Sunquest (TravelBrands)

Sunquest products are available in Sirev, but you can also book directly in TravelBrands using REVNET.

You can also build custom packages in TravelBrands using TravelGenie. Transfers are not included but can be added on. Again, be sure to read the fine print carefully for your clients as these packages will have different terms & conditions for each element of the page.

Expedia TAAP

In rare instances, you may need to book packages in Expedia TAAP. Be aware that the commission will likely be less this way, and be sure to read all the terms and conditions very carefully.

Expedia TAAP

Custom Packages


It is also fine to build your own custom packages using any approved suppliers. 


Early Booking Bonuses (EBB)

Also be sure to watch for EBBs, as they may change the final payment date to earlier than you would expect. The trade off with EBB is generally that your clients pay a cheaper overall price for the package, but final payment will be due sooner than with non-EBB packages.


Deviations and Special Requests

If you have package requirements that you do not see options for in online booking systems, contact the supplier directly to book. This includes deviations like passengers departing from different airports but on the same package. (See Glossary for more on deviations)


Note: Some booking platforms let you include special requests for your clients, but these requests are never guaranteed. Be sure to always make your clients aware of this. Special requests include connecting rooms, rooms in certain buildings/on certain floors, specific types of beds, client special events, etc.


If you need to book packages for a group, please see the Groups page.

Facebook Groups for Package Suppliers

ACV Inner Circle

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Your TravelBrands BDM

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