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privacy requirements

As you will be taking credit card and other personal information for clients in order to book and pay for their trips with suppliers, there are a number of privacy considerations that you need to be aware of and privacy rules you need to follow.

You must follow Canadian PIPEDA requirements for safeguarding client data, which includes not accepting credit card information by email. 

Click here for more information on PIPEDA.

Any print-outs that contain any client personal information must be stored in a locked filing cabinet. Electronic copies can be stored in your personal area on the Drive.

When disposing of any printed documents with client information, it is important that you follow proper disposal procedures.

Personal Information Retention and Disposal: Principles and Best Practices

You can only use your Go Travel email address for your travel business. All email correspondence between you and clients must be kept. 

If you share a computer with others in your household, get in the habit of always logging out of your Go Travel email account when finished.

If you also work on your mobile device, your device should have locking security enabled.

If working remotely, be aware of your surroundings and do not give client credit card information over the phone to suppliers in public spaces where others can hear this information.

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