Steele Higgins


Steele Higgins
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Where to begin to truly capture the essence that is me? Can man truly believe to catch lightning in a bottle?

Well here it is, the ONE the ONLY STEELE HIGGINS!

The quick and dirty: mid 30's, over 6 feet tall, enjoy long walks on the beach and my mom says I am the handsomest boy in school.  

The rest: I work non-stop (feels like it anyways) I have a job in northern Sask as a driller, I also work at my local car dealership and I am proud to say I am also a Travel Designer!

I don't just travel, I experience life in other places.  Our world is so big and we live in a time that is unprecedented for our ability to go everywhere!  There's so much to see beyond your front door and that desktop background you have.  Put your feet in the sand, swim in a underground lake, eat food that will blow your mind, see things from a whole new perspective!  

I research travel locations like you wouldn't believe and I genuinely enjoy sharing with people the things I have learned both from hours of research or actually being in different places.

Places I have been (so far)
New York
San Francisco
Las Vegas x 5
Mexico x 3
Jamaica x 2
Dominican Republic
Disney World (when I was but a wee young lad)
All over the west coast of Canada and the USA

I've driven sports cars in the desert, motorcycles in the jungle, jeeps through trails, sailed on boats and walked many miles of coast line.

We'll begin with a spin, traveling in the world of my creation - What we'll see will defy explanation - Willy Wonka