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the master list

You will need to be very familiar with the Master List (often called the ML). This list contains important agency contact information, as well as a list of the most commonly used suppliers. It includes usernames and passwords for supplier portals, supplier contact information, and commission levels. It is separated into sections based on the type of travel.


If you print a copy of the ML for reference, be sure to keep it up-to-date. The online version, which is stored in the Drive and can also be accessed using the button above, is always kept updated.

You will notice that some suppliers are only listed under certain categories. This means that even though that supplier may offer other things, they are only to be used for booking travel in the approved categories. If you have any questions, email Admin.

With suppliers on the ML, you may have your own account or you may use a shared agency account. The ML indicates who to contact to be set up with a certain supplier or if you can set up an account yourself. When setting yourself up, you must use your Go Travel contact information and the head office address. 

If you log in to a supplier account with a shared agency login and you are prompted so change the password, do not change it and contact Admin.

There are additional available suppliers outside of what is on the ML - please see the Ensemble page for more information.

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