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tips for success

There are many different ways to succeed in this industry and different things work for different agents. 

Here's some suggestions:

You don't have to be an expert in every supplier, destination, or method of travel, but it helps to have a general knowledge. You also don't need to know the answer to every question - it's better to tell someone that you'll check on something and get back to them than to guess or make something up.

Stay informed. You should be aware of major happenings in the industry. Follow some industry news providers (you don't need to follow them all - they ultimately post or send out a lot of the same) and stay active in our private Facebook page.

Get comfortable selling yourself and the services you offer. 

Don't spend all your time searching for new clients and ignoring the clients you already have. They've already booked with you once. If you've done a good job, there's a good chance they'll book with you again.

Include a handwritten note and/or a small gift with your client's documents. The little things are sometimes what stand out the most.

Give every client your best. Whether you are making $5 in commission or $500, you accepted that client's booking and they deserve your best effort. You never know what their next trip might be.

Be there before, during and after their trip. Just before they leave, send clients a quick email to wish them the best on their trip and to make sure they have your contact information. Check in during to make sure everything is fine while they are in destination. Follow up after to see if they had any issues or have any thoughts to share.


Ask for testimonials. Share them on your website, social media, etc. 

Use TravelWorks for more than just invoicing. It can tell you when client birthdays happen, travel dates, and more.

For clients with special celebrations during their trip, reach out to the supplier to see if there's anything that can be done for them. Being a specialist for that supplier sometimes helps. Some supplier will provide a little something at no cost, some may require payment. It's fine to occasionally reach out to a BDM to assist (for truly special circumstances), but this isn't something you can do with every single client.

Check your spelling. This is an industry where spelling matters. Make sure your emails, social media posts, etc. are error-free. Content full of mistakes does not inspire confidence that you can input personal information correctly into systems.

Be persistent. It takes time, but hard work and dedication can pay off in this industry.

Be realistic. You can't become an expert in all things travel in a week. Build a solid base of knowledge before focusing on advertising yourself as a travel agent. 

Tips for new travel agents

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