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Why build your travel business with us?

When you join Go Travel, you're joining an award-winning Canadian host agency with years of travel industry experience. We offer everything you need to build a successful travel business - from higher than average commissions to in-depth training to the chance to earn amazing travel opportunities and benefits.

At Go Travel, you're never just another number.


Considering becoming a travel agent and looking for more information?

Currently working in the industry and looking for a new host agency?

Searching for a travel agent to help you plan and book an amazing vacation?

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According to our advisors


"As a new agent entering into the travel industry, I have felt extremely supported in every question I have asked and the extensive training they have offered. I couldn't be more excited to delve into this new career, knowing I have the full support of the Go Travel Company behind me!"


- Shera Scott (Dogpound, AB)

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